Buddha Seed Bank offers various payment methods. Choose the way that suits you.

Credit / debit card, Visa / Mastercard, secure payment

You can pay the amount of the purchase card with our bank virtual POS. This payment system is safe and fast, speeding sending your order.

Buddha Seed Bank is totally alien to the transaction and does not have any access to your card details.

Please if you have any questions contact us. No card payment by telephone, by data protection law, do not take bank data is possible.

We ship worldwide free shipments purchases over 40 €.


It is payable in cash the amount of the order at the time of receipt. Once confirmed by telephone communication data and confirmed reception hours, your order will take between 24 to 48 hours to arrive.

This service is managed by the transport company Nacex.

This payment is only available for orders to Spain (Peninsula).

Bank transfer or deposit

When we receive the order with the payment method of transfer, we will contact you to provide you with bank details where you have to transfer or bank deposit.

When the order is verified, the shipment will be made. Verification of payment of other banks may take 24 to 48 hours. To expedite the payment, please make the deposit account directly, immediately.

This payment is only available in Europe.