Unfortunately, there are countries in which Cannabis seeds are illegal or it is illegal to germinate them.
Please get informed about the existing laws in your country relating this issue before making an order, we can not be aware of all legislations around the world. Making an order means you declare you are 18 and that Cannabis Seeds are legal in your country, in case you are about to make an order and these statements might not be true, Buddha Seeds Bank takes no responsability for that.
The purchaser commits him/herself to keep us away from any legal problem that may arise regarding the purchase and the use of our seeds.

Making this order implies all responsabilities regarding the shipment and its legality are fully accepted.The company will not provide any legal advice.

Purchasing these products you agree to be bound by and accept this purchase terms. Buddha Seeds do not advocate for the infringement of the law.

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Nombre Variedad
Buddha Seeds works in the stabilization and improvement of cannabis genetics and especially focuses its efforts in producing the best autoflowering plants.

Mainly taking care about the quality and not quantity, Buddah Seeds has become, in very short time, a world reference.

Each of our strains has been worked out with great effort and dedication, to provide a different and innovative yield, able to satisfy the most demanding needs of the grower.
Buddha Seeds seeks particular strains to create varieties of crosses, with special features of each of these trying to fix, from generation to another, the frequency of genes which have the best phenotypic expressions.

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