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Buddha Medikit Auto

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Medikit Auto is the autoflowering version of our medicinal variety Medikit



Medikit Auto is the autoflowering version of our medicinal variety Medikit, perfect for those who need early harvests and a plant rich in pure CBD with hardly any THC. It stands out for being a variety easy to take care of, with sweet aromas and pleasant effects.

The growth of Medikit Auto is quick, and noticeable for its branches that get covered of dense and resinous buds during the flowering.

Medikit Auto is a variety very pleasant to the palate, and its high levels of terpenes transmit the best nuances. Medikit Auto has prevailing sweet and citrus aromas such as lemon, orange and / or mango, with notes of earth and pine.

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Hybrid with Indica predominance
Cultivation time (Growth + flowering)
70 - 75 days
Production m²
400 - 450 gr
Outside production per plant
70 - 80 gr
Citrus like lemon, orange and / or mango. Earthy and pine nuances
Improve mood, and ease anxiety & tension