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Buddha Seeds is a Spanish company with more than 15 years’ experience producing cannabis seeds. Buddha Seeds focuses on genetic improvement to produce and maintain its varieties in prominent market positioning.

For each variety, a lot of hard work goes into the selection and stabilisation of desirable characteristics and exhaustive quality control from germination to harvest to ensure success. That hard work has earned us the respect and trust of thousands of growers around the world. In fact, many strains on the market today come from the first seeds in this seed bank. All that has won Buddha Seeds worldwide recognition as a first class seed bank.


Research and development

Buddha Seeds' multidisciplinary team is made up of agronomists and biotechnologists who use the most sophisticated technology, like gas chromatography and genetic sequencing, to analyse plants at the level of both genotype and phenotype. They have developed an amazing method that allows characterisation of the genes that encode the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of cannabinoids.


Thanks to that method, they can analyse the genome of newly germinated seedlings and predict their mature cannabinoid profile. That is a great advantage for the breeding program they are running, because they can select the chemotype of both parents and progeny without having to wait for plants to flower.

Cultivo in vitro       Polen germinando

High-quality innovation

At Buddha Seeds we are proud to have possibly the best research department in Europe. The use of cutting-edge techniques such as: selection assisted by molecular genetic markers, analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes by gas chromatography with flame ionisation detector, the development, propagation and maintenance of in vitro genetics, and the isolation and characterisation of polyploid individuals to offer cannabis growers plants that grow strongly and produce a high level of cannabinoids.